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The story of Shealove London dates back to 2011 at the start of my first pregnancy. Like most first-time mothers, I was suffering from skin dryness and itchiness—and with a family history of stretch marks, I needed a skincare product to soothe my skin and minimise the appearance of pigmentation during and beyond my pregnancy.

With my background in Biomedical Science, I was very particular about what I applied on my skin. Unfortunately, I could not find any commercial product that met my expectations. The situation led me on a hunt for ingredients from mother nature herself. Imagine my sheer joy when after much experimentation, I had finally created a formula that was pure, all-natural, and organic skincare product that is effective and safe for the changing skin of pregnant mothers.

Today, our vision is to become the best stretch mark cream in the UK. This is Shealove.

Mother’s Skin Cream Best Product for Stretch Marks

We use unrefined organic Grade A shea butter as our base ingredient in our stretch mark cream. It is rich in vitamin E, stearic and oleic acid which gives it superior oxidative stability when correctly prepared. Lupeol, another constituent naturally found in shea butter provides anti-inflammatory quality to reduce skin stress induced by changes in a mother’s body and the environment. Carefully selected essential oils are also included in all our formulas to balance the naturally nutty scent of pure shea butter whilst infusing the calmness and nourishment needed in a mother’s changing skin.

All these ingredients make Shealove London Mother’s Skin Cream the best stretch mark cream in the UK.

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Today, we continue to handcraft each bottle with care and consistency from our London kitchen. All our ingredients are organic and ethically sourced. Each ingredient is thoroughly considered and put together to maximise their effectiveness.

I invite you to let your body blossom.


Toyin Aderoju